Enjoying The Light Chat With You

We’re not so far away. But it seems better to measure some things between us. 

Not for special moment that have to created, just incidentally one which happens everyday.

No, am not begging anything to God. I know and realize that everything looks to good to be true. I choose to keep it all alone. Enjoying every word you say, every humor you give, every news you share.

I never know why, but yes you’re the only one who makes me don’t need to worry. Yes, you’ll be fine without me. You’ll find someone who’ll fulfill you dreams and completing your life no matter what. But let me feel this every moment…

I just want you to know, I’ll be there when you need me in a heart beat. For a while or forever, just name it. I can’t ask for more.  

(tulisan keenampuluhtiga dari beberapa tulisan)


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