Understanding Depression

okay, let me understand it for my own self…

Seth Adam Smith

Understanding depression can help us fight it. Understanding depression can help us fight it.

My name is Seth and I have struggled with chronic depression and anxiety for almost twenty years. About eight years ago, my depression became so severe that I tried to take my life. Miraculously, I survived, and in the time that has followed I have seen several doctors and counselors and have been on and off medications (as needed).

Point being—I’m no stranger to depression.

I’m very open about my struggle with depression, because I’ve learned that shining a light on the darkness is the best way to fight it. For when we see it in the light, we can understand it better. And when we’re able to understand it better, we’re able to identify ways we can fight it.

Maurice Harker, a Certified Mental Health Counselor, put it this way: “I’ve learned that people handle [depression] better if they understand it better. It’s kind…

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