Another Adventure… To Find You Again

Maybe it is too late. Maybe it is useless. Maybe but yeah who cares?

i love you

If you have two love, choose the second one. Because if you love the first, there won’t be another one. <— I tweeted this because I always remember the quote like this:

RT @SexFactsOfLife: If you’re in love with 2 individuals, pick the 2nd one because If you really loved the 1st, you wouldn’t have fallen for the 2nd.

And I never know which one I am… The first or the second? Or none?

So, am in the middle of nowhere. Time to go. I don’t wanna be the first or the second. I just wanna be the only one. Period.

Di mana aku di antara kalian? Di mana aku kautempatkan di ruang hatimu? Di mana aku berada di pikiranmu? Di mana letak istimewaku?

I never know, what will happen between us.


RT @Dewa_Klasik: Ada yang setia menunggu tapi nggak dapat apa-apa selain kecewa.

Ada yang tak menunggu tapi mendadak didatangi setelah berhenti berharap.

I still scare to think about tomorrow. No need to hear that… EQUAL, you said? No.

Maybe I have to go. To start my new adventure. Again. Don’t care how long and how far I should go to find you, just because I can’t have you for the rest of my life… After these damn 14 years… Gone again…

Am so tired…


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