Five Hours With You. So Damn Close.

There was nothing I could say more than… THANK YOU! ♥ Yes, alhamdulillah. Thank to both of: Allah and HIM. ♥

Came to Bandung without prior notice. At 03.00 AM, this Sunday, in the end of June 2013… “Aku ada di Bandung.” Whooopppssss…. It was a damn great surprise! REALLY? At the first time, I was humming and whispered, “No, am dreaming” then continued my sleep. Ahahaha….

But when I opened my smart phone once more in the morning… Suddenly shocked and slapped my own cheek. Oh no! It was real!!! He was here! On my town! Aaaaaakk… Then he wrote again, “Nanti aku cerita.”

Okay, I would be there for him.

Next five hours…. Never be the same. Yeah… My precious moment with him. His smile, voice, laugh, and hug. Of course, his eyes when looked in to mine. Oow…. So melted!

And now… Suddenly missing him more than before…


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