Is It JUST A Joke?

It might be a weird question but I hope somebody out there can trust me. Dunno what to say, then.

“An, he is only our friend. I couldn’t be.”

“An, you are too paranoid. Nothing will happen.”

“You kidding me, An. You are still alive. There was no violence or a rape.”

Should be a physically violence then you’ll believe me? How about the mentally violence. He abused me. Not by his hand nor feet. His mouth. He pressed me by the simple sentence, “Come on, I wanna make love with you.” WHAT THE HELL???? Mentally war.

Wanna laugh? Dare me!

He looks like a normal guy. He is famous at his environment.

Deeply regret allowed him to come to my house for last year. “I wanna know you more. As friend,” he said. Khusnudzon. My simple thought. But it was JUST a DAMN beginning.

I wanna move from this house. Honestly, he scared me more than a haunt, a devil, or Sadako whatsoever.

Last night, he tried to press me once more. “I will come. I want to make love with you.”

FOR YOU, maybe it is only a joke. “Won’t be happen, An. Just relax.”

We’ll see. WE’LL SEE!!!

I’ve called Al, Abi, and Ichy. But they are so far away. Al at Bogor, Abi at Cimahi, and Ichy at Lampung right now. “Call someone near you, An.” Okay…. WHO??????? Will they believe me? I doubt it… Or, Even they believe me, they will do nothing.

Then, I tried to call the man who’d introducing me to him. And he will try to discuss about this to my best friend. More complicated. Can’t think anything anymore.

When I posted this, my only had 500 rupiah in my wallet and how about my saving? Hm, this is dying date until the end of the month, for sure. Where to go? Where to escape? Where to ask?

Well, I know and realized that in the end, I only can ask the help to Allah. That’s all. Period.

Bye for now.


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