The Day Had Come

In the same day… Today… I have to lose two people who had colored my past days. They are J and B. Yeah, finally the day is coming….

And yes… Today is the hardest one but am sure that I will survive. As usual. As always. And this posting isn’t about me, for sure. This is about them. I can feel how hard the choice have to be chosen. They have own life before me. And for God shake, am choosing to back off.

it won’t work…

I may miss the old times with them when everything looked so wonderful and special. But yes, right now, the special things go very casual and so so. No regret, An. Those days were left forever in your heart and they will be stay as your beautiful memories.

And… It breaks my heart into pieces…


And B, yes, we never know how the future will be. But am respecting your decision 🙂 So happy to know it.


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