Culture Shock? Here I Am!

Aaaaaaaaakkkkk…… *gue teriak dulu ngilangin stres*

This is the second time that i have to face the fact about my lovely neighbor. First, when i had to attend the important meeting and i couldn’t bring my kiddos with me. My neighbor said, “Don’t go too long, Bun. I am so hectic and I can’t handle your kids.”

The second one is today (fucking monday). “Sorry, there’s no water anymore. It’s drain.” And She said it to my nanny, not me. Darn. Fine, this is my decision: never asking their help anymore.

As I posted in last posting about “Kampungan & Pesisiran”, it might be about the culture. Or maybe it is about the behavior and attitude. And it made me speechless. Did I make a big mistake?

I’ll pay all the cost for this week. It is only a week. How much? Just say it!

-get a headache in a moment-


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